A Book A Day: Final Thoughts

I've finished my Book A Day Challenge...for now. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, an entire book a day. BUT, I did get a good head start on several books in my pile. Reading little bits of the whole pile was great for me because it gave me a variety of topics, which was... Continue Reading →


A Book A Day: Day Four

Today marks Day Four of the Book A Day Challenge. I'm not doing well with reading an entire book a day, but I am getting a few chapters read each day. Today, I'm picking up a book I started reading months ago, maybe a year ago, but have yet to finish. The Mystery of the Clockwork... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day, Day Three

Did you miss Day One, and Day Two of my Book A Day Challenge? Check those out first, then come back here for... Day Three I'm gonna take a minute to read something a little less educational or historical today. I'm going to go for a fun read! Today, I'm going to read Sherlock Holmes... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day, Day Two

A few weeks ago, I attempted a Book A Day Challenge... I failed miserably. BUT, I DID do more reading in one week than I had in quite awhile. So, here is day two of the challenge. Written after Day One. Day Two Apparently sleep came first. That's ok, I'm going to try again today...I... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day, Day One

Day One: It's Friday Night After a very long week and the end of a strange day, I'm going to start my book-a-day project by reading Bedside Book of Bad Girls, Outlaw Women of the Midwest by Chris Enss.  I bought this book in Dodge City, KS on our way home from Denver this summer.... Continue Reading →

A Book A Day

I was scrolling Facebook the other day when I ran across a friend's post. She had taken a picture of the cover of a book with the caption saying it was her book of the day. She went on to explain that was a goal of hers to read a book a day. I was... Continue Reading →


Today, let's review history curriculum! When my oldest was going into first grade, I was preparing my curriculum for the year and I had a list of subjects I wanted to cover. History was one topic I wanted to include in first grade that I had not covered Kindergarten. I decided to start with early... Continue Reading →

A Homeschool Mother’s Tribe

Four years ago, I was approaching my first year of homeschooling. As I prepared for that first year, I was so overwhelmed with the choices and options; so many options! From teaching styles, approaches to teaching, so many learning styles, and SO MANY choices and options in curriculum within each of those styles and approaches. I... Continue Reading →

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